‘Botched’ Season 7: Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast and all you need to know about the E! reality sh – MEAWW

‘Botched’ Season 7: Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast and all you need to know about the E! reality sh – MEAWW

Ideally, plastic surgery is supposed to be restorative and reconstructive. Unfortunately for some, it's the other way round. That's where 'Botched' comes in. The show is headlined by two of Los Angeles' experienced and passionate doctors Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow, who perform life-changing surgeries.

With the show going into Season 7, the doctors continue to bring their unparalleled surgical skills and hilarious banter back to the OR for another season of mind-blowing patient transformations. Like most seasons, this year too the professionals will focus on massive-scaled transformations. Some cases they are able to damage control, others they are able to just make a few tweaks but enough to have the clients smiling.


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'Botched': Jessica loses layers of skin and gains 'butchered' breasts after a failed surgery

'Botched' Season 7 will air on May 18 at 9/8c on E!. For more information, check your local listings.

Season 6 episodes of 'Botched' can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

"From heartbreaking to jaw-dropping, the doctors once again take on life-changing surgeries with patients who have not only been "botched" by bad plastic surgery but have experienced harrowing physical trauma from inexplicable genetic defects and nightmare-inducing accidents," the press release read.

If anything, it's an indication that the cases are set to get murkier and challenging for both doctors and for us to watch. But that's the point of it. They are supposed to alter life for most of their clients who make appointments in hope of drastic physical transformations.

As mentioned, Dr Paul and Dr Terry spearhead the show. Together, they will be treating patients with softball-sized breasts, shark-bite-sized hole in the abdomen and botched-up mastectomy among other issues. We may also see Dr Terry focus on eyes this time.

Talking to Page Six in October last year, he said that blepharoplasty is a procedure most of his patients have been opting for, given that the pandemic has forced them to keep their masks on. "Im still seeing a lot of people who have pent-up demand. A lot of people are wanting procedures to tighten up skin because they were just on lockdown for three months and sort of eating more carbs and stretching their skin out," he added.

Featuring themed episodes like I Got Dumped Because of My Plastic Surgery, I Should Have Done My Homework, and Surgical Secrets Revealed, this season pushes the doctors to pursue innovative new treatments as they grapple with some of the most complicated cases of their careers.

'Botched' Season 7 is produced by Evolution Media production. Serving as Executive Producers areDouglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Tina Gazzerro Clapp, Matt Westmore, Sarah Kane, Dr Terry and Dr Paul.

'Save My Skin'

'My Feet Are Killing Me'

'Dr. Pimple Popper'

'Good Work'

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'Botched' Season 7: Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast and all you need to know about the E! reality sh - MEAWW

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