Dog who underwent full facelift to help him see is now ready to find new home – The Mirror

Dog who underwent full facelift to help him see is now ready to find new home – The Mirror

American bulldog Sam is searching for a new home after undergoing a facelift to remove extra skin from around his eyes - he is hoping his new look will help him secure a family

Image: RSPCA)

An American bulldog has been given a second chance at life after undergoing a full facelift to help him see the world around him.

Six-year-old Sam was taken in by the RSPCA in February after being found living outside in a plastic container with severe eye problems.

He was taken in by the team at Great Ayton Animal Centre, in North Yorkshire, where he needed a lot of veterinary care.

Emma Cosby, from the centre, said: Sams eyes were really bad due to bilateral upper and lower entropion. This is a painful condition where the eyelid turns inwards and rubs on the eye.

Sams eyes were very irritated and he had lots of discharge. Our vets operated right away to correct the problem but, sadly, a few months later, he needed further surgery as the sutures that had been used to correct the eyelids were not dissolving properly.'

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Sams carers were told that if his eyes continued to bother him he may need a full facelift procedure to remove further excess skin from around his eyes and head. In February 2022, Sam underwent a full facelift.

Emma added: Large amounts of skin were removed from his face until his eyelids sat comfortably and a facial fold resection was performed.

"Eventually, he recovered from the surgery and the cultures were removed and, finally, Sam can see without irritation.

Its so wonderful to think that after so many years of discomfort, Sam is now pain-free.

"Unfortunately the multiple surgeries have left him with scarring on his right eye which makes him sensitive to sunlight so his new owners will need to keep direct sunlight exposure to a minimum and always monitor his eyes closely.

Im so pleased that Sam is finally living comfortably but its so sad that so many dogs have these problems due to the way in which theyve been bred for their flat faces and skin rolls.

After 14 months in RSPCA care, four surgeries, and a lot of turmoil, Sam is now ready to find a lovely new home.

Emma added: Sam is a lovable giant. He is bubbly, and sociable and loves nothing more than a nice walk, playtime in the garden, and a cuddle in his bed!

Hes never lived in a proper home before so his new owner will need to help him with housetraining and get him used to BEING inside

Hes a clever lad who loves scent work and likes to use his nose. Hes friendly with other dogs although he can be boisterous at times and can pull on the lead so will need an owner who is experienced with large breeds.

Ideally, Sam could live with older teenage children but would be best as the only pet in the home and hed love a large, secure garden to play in as hell need to be kept on the lead when out walking.

Find out more about Sam on his Find A Pet profile or contact the team at Great Ayton on or 0300 123 0743.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care, like Sam, please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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Dog who underwent full facelift to help him see is now ready to find new home - The Mirror

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