Natural, needle or the knife? How stars from J-Lo to Katie Price got their looks – SamfordCrimson News – The Samford Crimson

Natural, needle or the knife? How stars from J-Lo to Katie Price got their looks – SamfordCrimson News – The Samford Crimson

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There is no denying that 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez looks years younger than her passport says.

But J-Lo has insisted shes never had Botox and her youthful complexion is all down to good skincare and a healthy diet with no alcohol or caffeine.

So which celebs have gone the whole hog under the knife, who has admitted to having had the odd Botox jab or tweakment and who just has a good bar of soap?

J-Lo is all-natural, she claims

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Sharon Osbourne is the first to admit that she is no stranger to the surgeons knife.

In 2019 she showed off the results of her FOURTH facelift joking that the doctor had pulled everything to the top of her head and put an elastic band there to secure it in place. She said: Everything was just lifted up so it looked more refreshed.

Sharon Osborne has been open about her fondness for plastic surgeru

Sharon, 68, has previously undergone gastric band surgery, a tummy tuck, breast reduction, an eye lift, liposuction and Botox.

In her memoir Unbreakable she wrote: Theres not much I havent had tweaked, stretched, peeled, layered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether.

Katie Price has had a long list of cosmetic procedures

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Glamour model Katie Price unveiled her third facelift in 2019 after a trip to Turkey for the op.

Katie, 42, has been a big fan of cosmetic surgery over the years, having both breast enlargement and breast reduction ops, liposuction, a bum lift, tummy tucks, a nose job, teeth veneers, semi-permanent make-up tattoos and an eye lift.

The mum of five is also a fan of regular Botox and filler treatments, once saying: Botox isnt a big deal to me. Its like going shopping.

Dolly Parton has never kept her surgery a secret

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Dolly Parton once famously joked: It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!

And the 9-5 singer has certainly splashed the cash to ensure she still looks her best.

Dolly, who turned 75 yesterday (Tues), has always been open about her cosmetic surgery and over the years has undergone a boob job, forehead lift, a nose job, eyelid surgery and a chin op.

In 2019 candid Dolly said: It is true that I look artificial, but I believe that Im totally real.

Michael Rourke has had facial surgery

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My look is really based on a country girls idea of glam. I wasnt naturally pretty, so I make the most of anything Ive got.

Hollywood star Mickey Rourke looks dramatically different to how he did in his acting heyday.

Back in 2009, the 9 1/2 Weeks star admitted undergoing facial surgery but only to repair the damage done by boxing.

Mickey, 68, said: Most of it was to mend the mess of my face after the boxing. I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.


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Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal is open about how his looks have changed over the years even posting throwback snaps of how he looked before he shot to fame.

Rylan, 32, has spent 25,000 on his ice-white teeth veneers and thinks that if you are unhappy with the way you look you should feel free to change it without judgment.

He said: Ive had bits and bobs done over the years. If youre unhappy with something and in a position to change it, then why not?

X-Factor boss Simon Cowell was one of the first male celebs to admit to having a bit of help to maintain his youthful complexion even joking about the appearance of him and his fellow judges on old clips of the show.

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Simon, 61, was even rumoured to have given his co-stars 350 Botox vouchers as Christmas gifts.

He said: I love watching the Botox years. All of us are like, Christ, we had a lot that year. Not so much that year maybe a bit too much that year. You know, the old clips of us are hysterical. Amandas always like, What was I thinking?

Simons fellow judge Amanda first had the wrinkle-freezing injections after filming Wild at Heart in South Africa. She said: Yes, I have had Botox. I was constantly frowning in the sun. I noticed crows feet coming and thats when I had it.

But Amanda, 49, quit Botox after giving birth to her daughter Hollie in January 2012 and says her youthful complexion is now down to non-invasive facials, good creams and of course good genes.

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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay was famed for his deep frown lines as well as his fiery temper. But back in 2010, he admitted to having a bit of work done to freshen up his face after encouragement from his pal Simon Cowell and his kids.

Gordon, now 54, had his wrinkles layered in LA.

He confessed his daughter Matilda spurred him on, saying: Ive got four children, and theyd say: Dad, why have you got so many wrinkles on your face when Clementines daddy has no wrinkles?

Olivia Colman admitted tried Botox back in 2017(Image: Getty Images)

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The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it but my children helped me become more paranoid about it.

Theres only so much s*** you want to take. I woke up in the morning and Matilda was trying to squeeze pound coins in there.

The Crown star Olivia Colman admitted she had tried Botox back in 2017 but kept it secret from her husband.

Olivia, 46, said: I have done Botox and I LOVED it, [but] Ive done it when I know there is a big gap [between roles]. I didnt tell my husband and then for about six months he kept saying, Hello, Pretty! and then I told him and he found it hilarious.

Just good soap

Barry Manilow gets annoyed when people think he has been under the knife(Image: Getty Images for Celebrity Fight)

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Barry Manilow appears to be holding back the hands of time with his wrinkle-free complexion.

The Cant Smile Without You singer, 76, has faced rumours of undergoing facelifts and Botox over the years. But back in 2014, he denied them saying This is me at 70.

The entertainer said it was infuriating to read speculation that his youthful looks are not entirely natural.

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Thats the way Im ageing, he said during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. Really, this is what I look like. I dont know what the hell theyre talking about.

Actress Renee Zellweger denied claims she had gone under the knife after looking remarkably different to her Bridget Jones days at a 2014 red carpet event.

She said: Not that its anyones business, but I did not make a decision to alter my face and have surgery on my eyes.

Emma Thompson is not keen on plastic surgery(Image: Getty)

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Renee, now 51, said her refreshed appearance was down to living a more happy and fulfilled life.

Its safe to say that English rose Emma Thompson is not a fan of Botox. Its mad, she has said. Its not a normal thing to do, and the culture that weve created that says its normal is not normal. Why do people ask persons to cut them open and put things into their body? What is that, what are we doing to ourselves?

Oscar-winner Emma, 61, is certainly happy to grow old gracefully, adding: Its chronically unhealthy and theres this very serious side to all of that because were going to end up with this sort of super-culture thats going to suggest to young people, girls and boys, that this looks normal. And its not normal.

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When asked if she had ever had Botox, Titanic actress Kate Winslet replied quite bluntly Oh f*** no!

Mum of three Kate, 45, has always been very vocal about her aversion to plastic surgery saying: It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty.

I am an actress, I dont want to freeze the expression of my face.


Natural, needle or the knife? How stars from J-Lo to Katie Price got their looks - SamfordCrimson News - The Samford Crimson

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