Plastic Surgeons Are Experiencing a Push in ‘Post-Pandemic Makeovers’Here’s What Patients Are Requesting – NewBeauty Magazine

Plastic Surgeons Are Experiencing a Push in ‘Post-Pandemic Makeovers’Here’s What Patients Are Requesting – NewBeauty Magazine

While the rest of the world may have collectively slowed down during the past year, Reno, NV plastic surgeon Tiffany D. McCormack, MDs practice has been crazy busy during the era of COVID.

It has not slowed down, she says. I believe people have had the downtime and have not been able to spend money on travel or entertainment, so they have been using their money and time toward the future understanding that they will someday be out there again.

I am personally feeling a new level of optimism, so I would imagine other people are as well.

Nashville, TN plastic surgeon Daniel A. Hatef, MD has seen it toobut, besides crediting a positivity-specific source as the cause, he says its because some of his clients are ready to take center-stage.

I have a lotof patients in the music business. Theyre thinking about touring again this fall, so were starting to rev-up surgeries as the music business gets back to normal, he says, pointing specifically to a bump in what he refers to as combination surgeries. Thats probably more on my end, as opposed to being patient-demand driven. Instead of just doing an upper blepharoplasty, Im pointing out to patients where we can shorten and rotate their upper lip and do some fat-grafting to improve their facial contours. So, its my artistic vision that is driving the increase in combo surgeriesalthoughit probably does have something to do with a general increased awareness of these things.

Five years ago, if suggesteda lip lift and fat-grafting to an upper blepharoplasty patient, they wouldve thought I was trying to upsell them and being too aggressive. But now, since these things are coming across their Instagrams and social media, perhaps theyre more open to it. Im not surprised about anything becoming more popular; it just seems like the popularity of everything is exploding!

Similarly, when it comes to type-of-surgery specifics, Dr. McCormack attests to the fact that shes finding patients willing to have the bigger procedures at the moment, mainly because they can do the downtime.

I am doing a lot of breast, tummy, liposuction combo cases right now, she says, adding that theres been one surprising category thats also seen a surge: I am seeing a lot of patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight through the pandemicthose who have lost weight have done so because they are able to exercise outdoors with more flexible, at-home work schedules. People are not eating out as much and they are home cooking healthy foods more frequently as well. These people are seeking procedures to take away the extra skin in the form of tummy tucks, body lifts, breast lifts, brachioplasties, and thigh lifts.

Likewise, Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD says patients are prepping for its going to be a better time soon, which is fueling a surge in facial-rejuvenation surgeries, as well as breast and body-contouring procedures.

As you can imagine, plastic surgeons around the country are experiencing a tremendous wave of patients seeking cosmetic surgery during this time. It seems that some of the driving factors include feeling self-conscious on Zoom calls, having the time to recover from larger procedures, and having the available funds from not spending on things like travel. Although the post-holiday COVID surge is upon us, we are beginning to see the beginning of the end, so to speak, as the vaccines are becoming available and people are starting to feel that we will begin to have more of a sense of normalcy and, perhaps, begin to travel and return to the workplace.

Some of the more popular procedures requested include rhinoplasty, neck contouring, lip lifts, buccal fat reduction, mommy makeovers, breast augmentation and liposuction, Dr. Grover says. But, basically, were doing just about anything you can think of.

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Plastic Surgeons Are Experiencing a Push in 'Post-Pandemic Makeovers'Here's What Patients Are Requesting - NewBeauty Magazine

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