Wayne Linekers club sued by Love Island’s Theo Campbell over champagne cork injury – The Mirror

Wayne Linekers club sued by Love Island’s Theo Campbell over champagne cork injury – The Mirror

Love Island star Theo Campbell was left needing emergency surgery in 2019, after a champagne bottle was popped close to his face during a party at Wayne Lineker's Ibiza club, O Beach

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Theo Campbell discharged from hospital as doctors warn he's lost his sight forever in 2019

It's been reported that Theo Campbell is suing Wayne Lineker 's club after he was hit in the eye by a champagne cork.

The former Love Island star was left with lifechanging injuries following the incident at Wayne's O Beach club in Ibiza and is said to want "hundreds of thousands" in compensation.

Theo, 30, required surgery in August 2019, after a champagne bottle was popped close to his face and split his right eyeball during a champagne spray party at the celebrity hotspot.

The reality TV star required 11 stitches on his cut eyelid, as well as surgery to repair a cornea injury, and is unsure whether the sight in his impacted eye will ever return.



Theo launched legal proceedings against Ice Mountain Ibiza SL, who run the club, in late 2020 and is reported to want "hundreds of thousands" in compensation following his horrifying injury.

The company, owned by Gary Lineker 's brother Wayne, deny all liability.

It's been reported ex-Team GB star Theo has claimed his injury has prevented him earning big in his career.



According to The Sun, lawyers for the star have explained how his ruptured cornea limited his success in MTV show, The Challenge.

Theo, a former 400m sprinter, nabbed 145,000 in prize money as a runner-up in a previous series, but they claim their client could have gone on to secure the 750,000 top prize.

The High Court also heard how the dad-of-one's injury held him back in carving out a "significant media presence".


The judge was informed that the reality TV star wants "hundreds of thousands" in financial compensation from Ice Mountain Ibiza SL.

The Mirror has approached representatives for Wayne for comment.

In November 2020, ahead of launching legal proceedings, Theo explained that he had a "number of questions" about what happened to him in 2019.

Speaking via a statement, the star said: "The last 15 months or so trying to come to terms with what has happened have been hard. Im a positive person and try and remain upbeat but as time goes on the chances of my sight getting back to normal become reduced.

"Im speaking with doctors about what may or may not be possible but I also have a number of questions about what happened to me."


He continued: "I dont know what the future may hold with regards to my sight but I feel that the least I deserve is answers to what happened and why.

Bringing this case was something that hasnt been done lightly but I feel that at present its the best opportunity for me to get the answers I deserve."

Theo, who was a contestant on the 2017 series of Love Island, shared details of his gruesome injury on social media shortly after the incident two year ago.

The former runner shared a video taken moments after he was struck by the champagne cork, and revealed on social media doctors initially warned him the injury could see him lose his eye altogether.

The 30-year-old star explained how he was wearing sunglasses at the time but removed them for a brief second to wipe the champagne spray from the party out of his eyes.

In a "split second", he said the cork from a champagne bottle which had been shaken by a woman near by hit him in the eye.

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Wayne Linekers club sued by Love Island's Theo Campbell over champagne cork injury - The Mirror

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