Weve spent tens of thousands on surgery  can you guess what weve had done and whose nip and tucks cost t… – The Sun

Weve spent tens of thousands on surgery can you guess what weve had done and whose nip and tucks cost t… – The Sun

FROM Tom Cruises puffy filler face to Linda Evangelistas dodgy fat freezing its easy to see when cosmetic treatments have gone awry.

But what about when they are done well?


Most of us would be none the wiser if a colleague or friend had a subtle nip here or a tuck there.

Its hard to tell these four women have spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatments. They have gone under the knife for different reasons breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and a full body overhaul, including liposuction, a tummy tuck and bum lift.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 62, recently slammed the cosmetic surgery craze saying: The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering, and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty.

These women, who have all struggled with low self-esteem, dont all agree with Jamie Lee.

Read on to find out why Jade, Nicola, Donna and Sarah decided to have surgery and what they had done.

SARAH BLAKE, 44, is a writer and lives with her mum Trudy, 67, in the Ribble Valley, Lancs. She spent 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019. She says:

"When I think about ageing, it gives me panic attacks, which is why I decided to get my eyelids lifted. I wanted to look younger.


I would look at other women and see how nicely their eyeshadow looked whereas mine just sunk into the creases of my eyelids. I was jealous and self-conscious of how tired I looked.

So I researched it extensively and opted for surgery that involved snipping the lids and pulling them back under general anaesthetic. But immediately afterwards I was hit with a terrible depression. My face looked battered and bruised and I suffered nerve damage. It was a really hard recovery, which lasted months.

My life hadnt changed the way Id wanted it to, and the fact was, I was still in my 40s. Now, Im happy with my surgery. However, it hasnt changed how I feel inside I still dread the ageing process. I get Botox too, but with every fine line that appears on my forehead, my heart sinks.

Despite how hard recovery was, I wouldnt necessarily rule out any more surgery. But I would go into it aware that it is a major operation and not a straightforward life fix."

SECURITY worker Nicola Turner, 35, lives in Basildon, Essex, with her partner, Luke, 36, a builder, and daughter, Violet, seven. She had breast augmentation in 2010. She says:

"Im proud to admit Ive had a boob job. I feel no shame at all and love flaunting my 32H breasts in low-cut tops and skimpy dresses.


I had the surgery when I was 24 at a private clinic in London after making 3,500 pawning gold jewellery my mum had got me as a teen.

It wasnt really a big deal. I only decided to get them done around six weeks earlier and the operation, where I had implants inserted over my muscle, was straightforward and the recovery was easy.

The jewellery didnt have much sentimental value and my new boobs which Im getting replaced next year as theyre starting to droop have given me much more joy.

Im just under 6ft and I thought my previous 34C breasts were too small. I was embarrassed about how I looked in dresses and tight tops.

Blokes have never said anything critical about my implants, although they do admit they feel a bit harder than natural breasts.

I dont tend to think about the fact that Ive had my boobs done. I only remember when I put on a tight-fitting dress or skimpy crossover top and I realise how much I love them."

MARKETING and mindset coach Jade Dover, 33, lives in Rainham, Kent, with her children Selyena, nine, and Safiye, five. She spent 5,500 on a nose job in May 2009. She says:

At school, I was bullied for my wonky nose. Girls would call me hook nose they were so vicious. It shattered my self-esteem.


If a man came over to me in a club and started chatting me up I always assumed it was for some sort of dare and his mates would be laughing.

In 2009, after I finished my teaching degree, I started saving up for a 5,500 nose job, which I had in May of that year. I knew I would need to get a job and the thought of sitting in interviews with a wonky nose really worried me. My surgery lasted a few hours and took place under general anaesthetic. The surgeon broke my nose, reshaped it, filed the bump down and lifted the tip.

A few weeks later when the bandages were removed, I loved my new nose. My family and friends could see the difference it made, not just to my appearance but to my confidence.

In my job I try to improve peoples self-esteem and I believe it is something that must come from within.

But I dont feel like Ive cheated. My nose was something I hated, so I fixed it. However, I wont be getting any more surgery."

DONNA LAMBERT, 34, is a stay-at-home mum who lives in Wickford, Essex, with her children Beau, seven, and Amelie, five. Shes spent 12,500 on a full body overhaul. She says:

"My mummy makeover consists of a 5,500 boob job and 7,000 lower body lift, which includes tummy tuck, muscle repair, buttock lift, liposuction, arm lift and mons lift (where you have your pubic area lifted).


"Id never liked my body. In my mid-20s I was 17st and by 2017, thanks to the gym, Id lost 3st. But I was still so miserable, thinking my boobs were flat and my skin saggy.

"I had my boob job in 2017 and I was over the moon with my new super-sized pair. Then I wanted my saggy skin sorting out.

I had the full body lift in 2020, but this time I flew to Turkey. If Id had the equivalent surgery in the UK it would have cost 17,000.

It went really well, but I lost a lot of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. Still, I dont regret it.

My partner at the time put both surgeries on a credit card, but I paid him back in monthly instalments from my savings.

I was really unconfident about how I looked before and would never go out in tight dresses something I love doing now.

Its given me a confidence boost and thats priceless."

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Weve spent tens of thousands on surgery can you guess what weve had done and whose nip and tucks cost t... - The Sun

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