Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Adeles Real Face – SheFinds

Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Adeles Real Face – SheFinds

It goes without saying, but Adele has had one of the biggest face and body transformations weve ever seen from a singer over the past few decades. The 33-year-old Oscar-winner doesnt look anything like the teenager who made her television debut while performing Daydreamer on Later with Jools Holland back in 2007. And its made even more obvious when we check out side by side before and after pictures.

Even though she doesnt like to talk about it, the 15-time-Grammy-winners dramatic 100-pound weight loss was undoubtedly going to be a large contributing factor to her shocking face and body transformation but it might not be the only thing contributing to her 2021 look! Lets explore just how much the Easy On Me singers appearance has changed over the years

Smaller nose and bigger lips

Adele wouldnt be the first A-lister to get rhinoplasty and she certainly wont be the last! Although she had a cute natural nose to start with, when side by side pictures of the Rolling in the Deep singer are examined, it seems to be very obvious that her nose is more slender than it was at the start of her career, which suggests a subtle nose job. She could, however, have also gone down the non-surgical nose job route, whereby injectable fillers are used to change the shape of the nose without going under the knife. Its definitely a possibility!

And as far as her perfect pout is concerned, her lips do appear to be a lot fuller and plumper than the early days of her career, which suggests some lip filler may have been used. And if not, we need to know what lip liner and lipstick combo she is using pronto!

Has Adele had a face lift?

Many professionals have hinted that Adele may have had a face lift due to the excessive amount of weight that she lost over the years. This is apparently due to excess skin left over from the weight loss, but its clear to see that Adele has a very tight jawline and neck in some of her most recent pics, which suggests that she may have had some work done to get rid of the loose skin.

And what about Botox?

We shouldnt neglect the eye area either, as her eyebrows appear to be much higher in recent pictures, which suggests that she could have had anything from Botox, to a brow lift, to the same eyelid surgery that Selena Gomez was rumored to have had. We cant say for sure though, as eyebrow treatment has come a long way since 2007, so Adeles brows could be down to excellent threading, semi-permanent tattooing, microblading, brow lamination, the list goes on and on

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Has Adele had a gastric bypass?

We dont want to take anything away from Adele's hard work because she looks incredible, and we know that her new look wasnt achieved overnight, and she does a lot to keep herself looking so trim. The "Someone Like You" singer recently told Vogue about how exercise calms her anxiety, which, when paired with the healthy eating plan that she also referenced, is likely going to contribute a lot to her new figure. However, many people some of whom are top doctors or plastic surgeons have commented that perhaps she may have had a little help to get to where she is today, and could be using the aforementioned combination of exercise and diet as a way to maintain it.

Having said all that, we wouldn't like to speculate too much, as the singer has been out of the public eye for many years, and hasnt wanted to document her weight loss journey (probably for this very reason!) so it's hard to pinpoint whether her weight loss was done gradually or whether she had the alleged gastric bypass to shrink the size of her stomach and give herself a head start. We guess we'll never know. Do we even want to know? We'll gladly let her keep her secrets if she wants to; she shares so much with us with her music, we're happy to let her keep some things to herself too!

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Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Adeles Real Face - SheFinds

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