Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Selena Gomezs Face Transformation – SheFinds

Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Selena Gomezs Face Transformation – SheFinds

Akin to Ariana Grande, whose ever-changing face we discussed last week, Selena Gomez is another former child star who has grown up in the public eye. And before she went to star in Disney Channel hits such as Wizards of Waverly Place and Princess Protection Program, did you know that she first appeared on Barney & Friends as a series regular at the age of just ten years old? (We think all Selenators will already know that, but if not, youre welcome for that fun fact!)

Its safe to say that the 29-year-old singer and actress has been in the spotlight for as long as we and we bet even she can remember, so weve had the pleasure of watching her grow up from child to pre-teen to teenager to the beautiful young woman she is today, which means we have seen her ever-changing appearance first hand. But we wonder how much of it is down to naturally getting older, and how much is down to a little outside help. Lets take a look at some pictures of her

Selenas beauty evolution

The Only Murders in the Building actress has not only been the face of many fashion and beauty ad campaigns over the years, but she also founded her own cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty, back in September 2020, which means she knows a thing or two about fashion, skincare, makeup, hair care, and generally making her face look flawless. (FYI, Rare Beauty also does good too, as it donates 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund to help those suffering with mental health get access to the resources they need. So basically, Selena is a saint and we are not worthy!)

So with this in mind, how much of the Good for You singers changing appearance is down to clever makeup and how much us down to something a little more invasive and permanent, shall we say? Fans and non-fans (but seriously, is there anyone on this planet who *doesnt* like Selena?) alike have pondered whether she may have had some Botox or facial fillers over the years, but we dont see much evidence to support this at the moment. Although Sel is still very young with natural collagen, A-listers have been known to start with these procedures in their early twenties under the guise that prevention is always better than correction, so it is a possibility.

Has Selena had a nose job?

The former Wizards of Waverly Place star isnt actually plagued by constant plastic surgery rumors like some other former child stars, but one procedure which always comes up in the has she/hasnt she speculation is rhinoplasty. With the help of some surgeons, the internet is pretty much convinced that Sel has had some work done to her nose, although not a whole nose job, instead just changing the shape of the tip. If you want to sound smart, this is referred to as a tip rhinoplasty. This very subtle change does make sense to us, as her nose was pretty perfect to start with.

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Has she also had a brow lift and eyelid surgery?

When side by side before and after pictures of the Selena + Chef star are examined, one of the first things we notice is the size, shape, and even position of her eyes, which makes us more inclined to believe the speculation that she has had some work done. Again, we dont know why she chose to have the alleged surgery, as her eyes seemed perfect to us. But anyway it's widely speculated that she has had a surgical brow lift, which is made evident due to the increased space between her eyelids and eyebrows, and the decreased space between her eyebrows and forehead. This is apparently down to surgery as opposed to Botox, which means Sel must have been pretty unhappy about her eyes to undergo such a major operation for such a subtle (if not comparing side by side pictures and using a ruler) difference.

Selena may or may not have had a breast augmentation

As the headline suggests, no one actually knows whether the "Lose You to Love Me" singer has had a breast enlargement, but since we are talking about alleged surgeries, we thought we should mention it. Not exactly face related, but over the years, a few pictures have caused fans to go wild with speculation that she may have made some adjustments to her body too; most noticeably her breasts.

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The final verdict

Here's where it gets interesting. Fans have speculated on many social media accounts about whether she has had any work done. On a TikTok post by @drlee90210 discussing her possible surgeries, over 1,520 people have commented about their thoughts, and the large majority of them are of the impression that she hasnt had anything done, and attribute her facial changes to getting older, makeup, and knowing her angles. "i'm not a fan of selena but you can clearly see she has nothing done" a self-confessed non-fan (do we believe them?) commented. "She looks exactly the same," noted another, while someone else concurred, writing, "Yeah I don't think she's had anything done tbh."

Many others believed that getting older was the only explanation, writing, "I feel like she's just older and does her makeup differently," while another added, "Orrrr she just matured that's an idea." In the spirit of covering all angles, there were of course users who thought she had indeed had some work done, albeit, "All very tasteful work," to quote one TikTok user. "Nah she definitely got work done since she was young she had a super full face with full nose now her nose is slimmed down completely," wrote one fan, while another agreed that they thought she definitely did have the aforementioned brow lift, although she, in their opinion, didnt need it. They wrote: "You can see the eye brow lift and I always thought it was a mistake for her because she had such mysterious eyes without it." Before alleged surgery and after alleged surgery, Selena is gorgeous and we think everyone can agree on that!

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Your Jaw Is Going To Drop When You See Selena Gomezs Face Transformation - SheFinds

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